Anti-Discrimination Measures

Where there is any doubt, we must enshrine into our laws protections that are consistent with our values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Women, LGBT & Queer residents, Disabled residents, immigrants, and racial and religious minorities every day face efforts around the country to take away their rights and diminish their powers - Illinois must stand tall for all. 

Tamer supports:

  • Restoring the right to vote for incarcerated persons

  • Protecting an individual's right to choose an abortion

  • Enshrining voter protection laws

  • Including gender identity and expression, sexuality, and religious affiliation (including no religion) in protected classes for purposes of anti-discrimination laws, and ensuring that no so-called religious freedom laws allow discrimination

  • Passing the Inclusive Curriculum Bill to teach students about LGBTQ+ struggle and contributions

  • Guaranteeing the right to free speech, demonstrations, and boycott without facing sanctions from the state

  • Ensuring equal pay for women and minorities

  • Granting voting rights at the age of 16

  • Protecting the rights of Trans people, including proper classification during times of incarceration, and protection from gender-based violence​


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