Criminal Justice and Policing

It is irrefutable that different communities are policed differently. The United States Department of Justice itself found widespread abuses in the Chicago Police Department. The City and the Chicago Police Department have started implementing changes, and we have a ways to go until the consent decree is fully implemented. But lawmakers in Springfield also have a part to play.

Tamer supports:

  • Creating a Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) in the City of Chicago, to be comprised of elected members and to have full oversight of policing in Chicago.

  • Legalizing marijuana, expunging marijuana convictions, and funding rehabilitation for formerly incarcerated persons

  • Criminal Code reform, making some acts legal, such as voluntary sex work, and some acts punishable only by civil fines, such as "crimes" against property

  • Ending money bail

  • Reducing the number of "arrestable offenses" by law and disallowing abuse-prone reasons for arrests and searches (e.g. "smelling marijuana" when conducting a traffic stop)

  • Mandated minimal funding for Public Defender offices

  • Studying the effects of the "Investigative Alert" policy and end it if it leads to abuse

  • Making all phone calls from Illinois jails and prisons free

  • Amending the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act to empower civilian and local oversight of police, including giving oversight agencies the right to prosecute civil and criminal cases against police officers


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