Economy and Jobs

Within the state, within the City of Chicago, and even within our district, some areas experience economic growth while others experience decline. We must target economic growth so that our entire district can rise together. We cannot just gentrify neighborhoods and squeeze people out; rather, we must ensure that the effects of economic growth are felt by everyone. And we must make it easy to work, not harder.

Tamer supports:

  • Using a portion of revenues from legalizing marijuana to invest in neighborhoods that suffered the most from the failed and racist War on Drugs - schools, loans, grants, and the creation of a Marijuana Community Fund

  • Paid parental leave state-wide

  • Childcare contributions by medium and large employers

  • Progressive tax amendment to the Illinois Constitution

  • More small business loans and grants to neighborhoods that need jobs and growth, with incentives for hiring local

  • Strengthening unions, the backbone of the middle class

  • Investment in infrastructure, where Chicago has the highest number of lead service lines in the country

  • Eliminating food deserts

  • Capping maximum interest rates that may be charged by credit card companies and lenders


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