Environment and Lake Michigan

The vast majority of the thirteenth district is close to Lake Michigan. This means we have a special interest in protecting our shoreline. It also means we are especially vulnerable to the issue of climate change. A recent study says that we can expect more harmful algae blooms, more runoff from farm fields and parking lots, and more coastal erosion and beach closures. If the federal government will not act, we must.

Tamer supports:

  • Illinois' energy use becoming 100% carbon-free by 2030 and 100% renewable by 2050

  • Investing in infrastructure and expanding the clean energy labor force

  • A focus on environmental justice and equity by:

    • Ensuring that those who profited the most from fossil fuels pay their fair share​

    • Providing transition training for workers who will be affected (e.g. coal employees)

    • Allocating funds for low-income communities to purchase clean energy and make neighborhoods more energy efficient


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