Immigrants have always been a part of the American story and an essential fabric in the tapestry of America. The current climate regarding immigration is cultivated through fear, hate, and ignorance - in Illinois, we must not succumb to those feelings. Instead, we must lift and welcome immigrants and refugees, and protect them from federal overreach. Additionally, we must protect undocumented workers from the exploitation they face, whether by unscrupulous employers or government agents.

Tamer supports:

  • Protecting Illinoisans from ICE activity in places where they are employed or where they receive important services (e.g. hospitals, courthouses)

  • Providing financial aid to students who are ineligible for federal financial aid

  • Prohibiting participation in federal efforts intended to identify and deport undocumented persons, including saving information related to immigration status in local law enforcement databases

  • Restoring proper funding to programs intended to help immigrants and refugees


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