There are important issues facing our city and our state.
We dedicate a page for each issue (see "Issues" menu above). Here are the Top 10 legislative priorities
for Tamer (in no particular order)
when elected to the Illinois Senate.

  • Housing: Lifting the ban on rent control; passing state-wide rent control; building public housing; and supporting transit-oriented developments that meet minimum standards for affordability.

  • Economic Investment: Targeting investments towards areas with a lower development index; ensuring that developments meet minimum requirements for local hiring and affordable housing; creating regional job engines; developing the South Works site (e.g. wind farm); supporting an airport in the south suburbs of Chicago.

  • Jobs & Environment: Pushing the Clean Energy Jobs Act with aggressive investment in infrastructure; ridding our state of lead service lines; creating green jobs; and ensuring environmental justice.

  • Justice: Ending cash bail; restoring the right to vote for incarcerated persons; and reforming our criminal code by decriminalizing many actions that should be legal, such as voluntary sex work, or should be reclassified as civil offenses, such as most crimes against property.

  • Policing: Amending the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act to empower civilian and local oversight of police (such as CPAC in Chicago, which we wholeheartedly endorse), including giving oversight agencies the right to prosecute civil and criminal cases against police officers; applying assault and battery laws more uniformly against police officers; dramatically reducing the number of "arrestable offenses"; declaring that "smelling marijuana" can no longer suffice as probable cause to search a person or a vehicle; studying the Investigative Alert system and ending its abuses; and piloting a "Civilian Police," who would take exclusive jurisdiction over many of the responsibilities of armed police officers, including traffic and minor violations, and requiring that such forces be made up of local residents (e.g. ward, neighborhood, mileage radius) and keep detailed data to ensure fair policing.

  • Health & Discrimination: Requiring all health providers to track differences in treatments and outcomes for Black, Brown, Gay/Lesbian/Bi, Trans, and Queer people, and ensuring that providers are providing equitable care, including maternal and mental health care.

  • Corruption: Empowering an Independent Legislative Inspector General to fight corruption in Springfield; instituting term, chairmanship, and leadership limits on General Assembly members; tightening restrictions on secondary employment; and prohibiting lobbyist contributions to candidates.

  • Free Speech: Strengthening the rights of free speech for all Illinoisans, including the right to assemble, protest, and boycott, regardless of the target of the assembly, protest, or boycott.

  • Taxes: Making most state taxes progressive instead of creating heavier burdens on middle- and low-income Illinoisans; creating a Gas Tax Credit for Illinoisans below a certain income who do not have good access to alternative transportation; and reforming property taxes.

  • Immigration: Prohibiting all local and state agencies, including law enforcement agencies, from sharing information with the federal government regarding the immigration status of any person who may be a suspect or in custody; protecting undocumented immigrants while they are receiving or rendering services; and welcoming migrants and refugees.


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