It is time to reject the status quo and reject the false choices that career politicians present to us. It is time to stop the handing over of power and to stop appointing successors. It is time to get a real choice in who represents us in Springfield.

We can care better for our seniors, our veterans, and our environment. We can create a better future for our kids and a better present for ourselves. We can build safer Black and Brown communities and be champions for civil rights, due process, and police accountability. We can foster economic growth without displacing residents, and we can advance the cause of equity without diminishing the rights of others.

Every law, policy, and proposal must be rooted in what is best for the people of the 13th District and the people of Illinois. Not what is best for politicians. Not what is best for corporations. Not what is best for investors or contractors. It all must be rooted in what is best for the people. In other words, we must always put people first.

People-Driven & People-Financed 

Our campaign does not accept money from corporate PACS, registered lobbyists, or the fossil fuel industry. We make exceptions for groups fighting for good causes. Examples would include unions fighting for worker rights and environmental organizations fighting for better and more urgent climate action.





That means we depend on you to finance this campaign. Please donate today.



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